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All Phase Plumbing stands behind all of its work. We build long term relationships. We never leave a client dissatisfied.
All Phase Plumbing was established in 2000. The company is based on the belief that customer care is priority number one. I am committed to every client being completely satisfied. I feel that i am being called to solve problems not create them.  
My name is John Paravalos. I am a licensed master plumber in the state of New Jersey. I am also, and even more proud of the fact, that i am a husband and father of three amazing boys. I live in Old Bridge, NJ and have for the last 12 years.
I have been in the plumbing industry since 1992. Before then i was in the construction industry. My first job as a plumbers helper was for a medium sized company based in Brooklyn NY (where i was born and raised). I remember long hours of back breaking work and bringng home a wopping $205 a week, although most of my plumbing experence derives from there.
The majority of my experence is in working for residential customers and contractors.  I have extensive knowledge of bathroom and kitchen renovations as a result. I also have considerable knowledge in commercial plumbing systems having worked for many restuarants, factories, and hospitals.
I pride myself on the ability to hear what my clients are saying and understanding there concerns. I am simply a peoples person and that is way i am in the service industry.
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